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procrastinate with moneyhate hidden feeswant financial independencelike it personaldo not follow financial marketsyawn at the idea of investingcould invest ...tomorrow 😁prefer to talk in human wordslike to get things done onlineprepare for a rainy daydo not day-tradewant to invest for 2+ years

Selma is a Swiss alternative to investing through a bank. Get started with the most effortless way to invest online.

Selma – so anyone can enjoy investing

Investing is one of the hardest, wickedly priced, boring and at the same time extremely useful things you can do. 😓

We at Selma believe that investing money for a rainy day (or any other reason) should not be frustrating or scary. Everyone deserves an effortless way to do smart things with their money.

P.S.: You might lose money when investing. Selma is clear about your risks and prices.


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